What is RIFIFI ART all about?

RIFIFI is both a physical store and digital gallery. We do pop up events, set design, B2B projects, exhibitions and art advisory in Barcelona and Stockholm. The concept is collecting art should be fun, easy and not cost a fortune. We constantly grow our collection by scouting the markets for brilliant and sometimes odd objects you can not find anywhere else. We also love to spread inspiration and positivity on our socials with exceptional urban art findings from the concrete jungle.

Where are the artworks from and who are the artists?

The collection is a careful hand picked eclectic mix of diverse wall art pieces, limited edition miniatures and cartoon culture collectible objects from around the world. Contemporary, vintage, cinematic artworks, action figure icons, abstract art graphics, streets art by up and coming artists, digital only NFTs and also classic museum pieces by old school painters for the best from the past.

Can I preview artworks on my wall?

View wall art on your walls in real time and in proper dimensions and it is super easy to do. Simply click button 'Preview this artwork on your wall' under Add to Cart on product pages and follow the steps.

Are the artworks limited editions?

Our artworks are printed 20 times only. Once an artwork runs out, we never sell it again. This way you will always have a truly unique piece of art.

What materials do we use?

We print on 4 different sustainable materials: acrylic/plexiglass 4 mm thick, aluminum-dibond 3 mm, white 5 mm hardboard and black 10 mm hardboard, also called Forex/PVC. All made out of recycled metal cans, plastic waste materials from the oceans, car parts and old toys etc.

More info about our materials click here!

How do I hang the artworks?

Included Floating Hanging Plates makes hanging art super easy - and no framing needed. The plates makes the artwork float 10 mm from the wall and gives it a premium gallery quality. The brushed aluminium plates feature a self-adhesive pad on the reverse for applying directly onto the artwork together with two foam pads included.

Miniature sizes?

All artworks come in miniature sizes so you can start collecting your favourite pieces even though there might not be enough wall space around. Display the mini-art on a shelf, your office desk, put it on a piedestal, hoard them or why not create mini art walls on your refrigerator. Also, they are absolutely adorable and very much appreciated as giveaway gifts.

Collectible cartoon culture icons?

We love cartoon culture and collect all types of favorite action figure artworks. It is a whole universe out there with tiny treasures and we have put together a small collection of our greatest finds to share with you.

Do we ship for free?

We always offer free shipping right to your doorstep. EU shipping 7-12 working days. We also have a premium option of Express Delivery 3-5 working days when you are in a rush and want your artworks asap. More info see Shipping

If I want to change or return my artwork?

Our free return-policy lasts 30 days. For details see footer Returns and Refunds. Same policy applies if you buy a gift for a friend. He or she can easily return or change the artwork as well. 

Payment options?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.